Angelic GPS

Many books note that Archangel Michael is excellent with providing divine protection and helping electrical and mechanical things to work better. But, few know that he is an excellent travel guide.

I learned many years ago after receiving Reiki attunements that I suddenly had an angelic guide providing driving directions. His voice was loud, but I had no idea who he was for a couple of years. I would hear his voice give me instructions on which way not and which way to drive home from work. I had three different ways to choose to drive home. I listened and heeded his advice for a while. But, one day I decided that I wanted to drive home the way I wanted to drive home, and so I stubbornly ignored the firm warning not to drive down that particular road I was so insistent on traveling. Then less than five minutes later, just ahead of me, I saw a car accident happen. I felt shivers go down my spine, and I declared out loud “Whoever you are, I will no longer ignore you!”

Two years later I had my first “psychic” reading ever. Before that reading, I would have never have thought to use the phrase “travel guide” or the word “guide” period. But, for some reason, near the end of the reading, the kind psychic asked if I had any last question. I responded that I did, and asked who my travel guide was. She responded confidently that I knew who it was. I was taken aback by her confidence in me, but I centered myself, and quietly asked within in myself, who my travel guide was. I felt a strong sense that it was Archangel Michael, but still shyly asked the psychic out loud if it was him. She responded joyfully that yes it was him. I shouldn’t have been surprised it was him; after-all, I had been invoking his divine protection for many years since he was my patron saint and namesake. From that day forward, my journey and relationship with Archangel Michael as my travel guide has deepened in many wonderful ways.

By-Passing Traffic Jams

Archangel Michael knows me so well! He knows that I can be a bit of a Type-A person while driving and gives me the advice I need to make sure I don’t get all stressed. I really would rather be on a back road moving along at a lower speed limit instead of sitting in stop-and-go traffic on a major highway. He often gives me directions on which way route to take for a long road-trip, running an errand, or going to an appointment. I found if I paid attention to his advice, I would have a nice, clear, calm drive and sometimes I would hear on the radio or see the other route filled with traffic. If I still ran into traffic after following his advice, I figured out time after time that a traffic jam (often caused by a car accident on the side of the road) would not last long. Archangel Michael knows I have be devoted to saying three Hail Mary’s for most of my life to have the heavens open up and ask Our Lady to send all the help the injured needed on the side of the road. As soon as I would complete the prayers, the traffic jam would clear up and the rest of the route would be smooth. My husband has seen this work so well so many times, that now it’s part of our normal ritual to ask Archangel Michael for advice on the best route to take when we go on a long road trip.

Lost in the City

Once I was lost in a bad section of a major city at night and could not figure out how to get back to the section that felt safe and familiar to me. Normally, I would usually call my husband to help me, as he knows the city roads well. But that night he never heard the home phone or his cell phone ring in time to help me calm down and not get frustrated. I called out to Archangel Michael asking him to help my husband hear his phone. Instead, Archangel Michael started to give me driving directions. “Turn left here, back up, turn around,” he said. “But, that’s someone’s driveway,” I said. “Turn left here, back up, turn around,” he repeated. “Okay, okay, alright, I’ll do it,” I said. “Now turn right here, now turn left, turn left again, and now right,” he said. In less than 5 minutes, Archangel Michael’s directions had me in the section of the city I was familiar with and felt safe in. “Angelic GPS! How cool is that!” I declared, praising Archangel Michael for his timely, clear guidance and protection. Then my husband called, and I told him of the miraculous help from Archangel Michael. My husband simply said, “Well, it looks like you should let Archangel Michael help you more often then!”

Another time, I forgot a driving route through the heart of Washington DC to bypass the clog of weekday beltway traffic that my husband had taught me. I tried remembering by looking at a satellite GPS in the rental car I was using, but the thing just frustrated me more, because it seemed to be hard-wired to only want to give me driving directions back onto the clogged beltway. So, I decided to call my husband to have him help me. I called his cell phone again and again, but no answer. So, I took a deep breath, centered myself, and called on Archangel Michael for help, remembering how he had helped me in the other city. Archangel Michael readily came and gave me driving directions, not only by telling me which direction to turn, but actually telling me the name of the roads to turn on. Soon, I was able to remember the rest of the route my husband had previously taught me. Then my husband returned my phone call, and he was amazed to hear that Archangel Michael gave the exact name of each street to turn on. “Angelic GPS once again! Thank you Archangel Michael!” I declared.

Bending Time

Sometimes I am not able to leave with ample time to make it to an appointment in case there is traffic that cannot be easily bypassed. During those times, I ask Archangel Michael to bend time for me so I can arrive on time. Every time, he faithfully answers my request for assistance, but not always the way I expect it. Sometimes he tells me that I have nothing to worry about because the person I am supposed to have an appointment with is also running late (and he is always right!). Other times, he will advise me to turn onto another road that at first seems like it would a longer distance or out of the way from where I need to get to, but minutes are slashed off the traveling time. Then at other times, other cars driving below the speed limit just magically move out of the way, providing a clear unimpeded route to my destination.


Even if you cannot hear Archangel Michael’s voice giving specific guidance, I encourage you to call on him and ask him to help you with driving whenever you feel the need. Perhaps, you will hear some words or full phrases, or just suddenly know or feel what to do, or get an image of what to do. Remember to thank Archangel Michael for his kind assistance. Please share the miraculous events in the comments to this blog, so everyone can be inspired! Angelic GPS is so much better than satellite GPS!

Blessings of Love & Light Everyone!

Michele Buckley

Alpha Trinity Health Ministry™

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Michele has been working with and hearing guidance from Archangel Michael (her namesake) and other Archangels and the Angelic Realm for over 15 years helping many clients connect to their guardian angels and receive healing. For more information about her work, please visit


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